About Blue Lagoon

Scattered on April 19, 2018 the news occurred as fast as the fire itself, Blue Lagoon Beach Pavilion was completely burned down. Almost everything had been destroyed by the fire. Despite this enormous setback, we have joined forces with many others, making it even possible to open again the next day. All this proves the decisiveness and positivity that we, the Blue Lagoon carry and spread.

Everything prepared with care

Since March 1, 2019 there is a completely renovated beach pavilion. The feeling of the old Blue Lagoon, but with a new look. Not only is the store itself new, but everything around it has also been refreshed. If we do it, we do it right!

Beach pavilion Blue Lagoon offers comfort, luxury and a sea of ​​possibilities. A prime location on the beach of Scheveningen, atmospheric ambiance and carefully prepared dishes. All this does not make Blue Lagoon just a beach restaurant. Strandpaviljoen Blue Lagooncis has also specialized in corporate parties, weddings and other occasions for 40 years. Or how about the many events and workshops?

At Beach Pavilion Blue Lagoon you come for a well-deserved drink on the terrace after a walk on the beach. To have an extensive lunch with family, friends, business associates or colleagues. Cozy dining, with two people or a whole group. A drink and a view of the waves end the day. There is extensive enjoyment at the Beach Pavilion Blue Lagoon!