Workshops & Activities

Workshops & Activities

Have you always wanted to learn to make the most beautiful sand sculptures? Or maybe you've always wanted to spray graffiti? You can go to the Blue Lagoon for all conceivable workshops.

The workshops are usually combined with a day or evening package, therefore the prices depend on the total package. Most workshops are organized on the beach.

Below an overview of the most popular workshop and activities.

Be Robinson

Expedition Robinson, the unique challenge where survival and competition are central. Be Robinson! Following the very popular and spectacular TV program, we have developed a program aimed at team building, survival and creativity during the Expedition. It's the ultimate survival game on the North Sea coast, all about team spirit!

From 20 people

Farmers Beach Golf

Meet the immensely popular farmer's golf! And this time not standard in a pasture full of cows, but nice against the backdrop of sea and dunes on the beach! This makes farmers beach golf the ideal (summer) sport. Sun, sea, beach and ... golf, the ideal combination for a fun day out with colleagues or friends!


In this workshop you will all go to the beach and you will get to know the forces of nature. You learn to deal with professional kites. After a short explanation and a safety instruction, both young and old can control the kites.

From 10 people.
Duration 1 hour.
Including supervisor.


A nice outing for groups or family day. In the afternoon you compete on the beach and in the evening you finish with a cozy barbecue. We have a wide range of various games, so that the hexathlon can easily adapt to the weather, environment or target group.

Put together your six games yourself:

  • Beach volleyball Beach soccer
  •  Tjoekbal ,
  •  Knotshockey
  •  Obstacle course + making fire 
  • Skippybalrace
  • Tug of War
  • Water Race
  •  Mega twister 
  •  Build slingshot 
  • Lacrosse
  •  Bamboo tower 
  •  Ultimate frisbee 
  • Beachtennis
  • Bumperz

Duration from 1.30 hours. Including supervisor

Make sand sculptures

A very special workshop where you learn how to make the most beautiful sculptures with sand. You compete in teams to create the most beautiful and original sand castle.

From 10 people. Duration 1.5 hours. Including supervisor.

Making cocktails

Shake a cocktail workshop with your colleagues, friends or family? Can you make the most delicious Caipirinha, Tequila Sunrise or Strawberry Martini? Under professional guidance you will learn to shake the best cocktails. After shaking there is time to lounge and enjoy the cocktails.

From 10 people. Duration 1 hour. Including supervisor

Spray Grafitti

A graffiti workshop is not only super fun to do but also a creative team building, make with your colleagues / friends an artwork of your company logo or of the nice day you have, this showpiece will be a fun memory. The experienced graffiti artists will teach you the different techniques.

Escape Room / Mission Impossible

As a team of spies, you get an hour to break in and escape without anyone noticing. Stay focused and keep everything under control because a mistake can have many consequences for your escape. Some tools will be provided to make your mission a success. Your mission can only succeed with a good cooperation of the team.


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to put together a good-sounding whole under the professional supervision of a djembe artist. No prior musical knowledge or experience is necessary: rhythm is in all of us!

Who is the rat

Prepare for suspense, thrills, lies and sabotage! During this game you perform assignments under time pressure to earn points for the pot. These assignments will take place in The Hague using a tablet. Working together is the key to success! But be careful! The saboteur is in your midst and will do everything in his power to complete the mission

Bicycle tour through The Hague and Scheveningen

Blue Lagoon organizes informative and original bicycle tours through DenHaag and Scheveningen. An expert guide will show you the way through this green and orange city with its famous buildings and enormous history!

From 10 people.
Duration 2.5 hours to 4 hours (with The Hague there).
Including guidance.

Scooter tour through Scheveningen

What could be more fun than rolling through vibrant Scheveningen on the tough scooter? Under the guidance of a guide you will explore all the nice places in and around Scheveningen.

From 10 people.
Duration 2 hours.
Including supervisor.

Ipad team tour

During this unique, adventurous and exciting tour you will explore the city or the beach armed with an iPad! Thanks to our specially developed app, you will experience amazing adventures during this tour. In this interactive game you and your team fight against the other teams. Are you outsmarting them?

Pub quiz

The principle is simple but a guarantee for an exciting battle. While enjoying a snack and a drink you play in teams against each other while the quizmaster asks the question


In this workshop you will work with your own painting. After a short introduction about painting techniques, perspective and composition, everyone works on their own painting.

From 10 people.

Salsa / Merengue / Bacatua

This swinging tropical music and dance has its origin in Cuba.
You learn this dance from the basics and apply it by throwing your hips together. You can dance individually or in pairs.

From 1 to 25 people.
Duration 1 hour.
Including supervisor.

Making mosaic

You imagine yourself in Gaudi's Barcelona. With the colorful Parc Guell in mind, you compose a beautiful mosaic that is not inferior to the master's work. Everyone designs and installs a mosaic panel, resulting in a beautiful piece of work and a pleasant and pleasant day.

From 10 people.

Wave surfing

More and more people are venturing into this water sport. Experience the ultimate freedom on the water during the wave surfing workshop. Surfing is a good way to socialize in a very different setting than for example in the office. During this workshop you will be guided by experienced instructors and you will experience what it feels like to master the waves.

From 10 people.

Tasting wine

"In vino veritas", or "in wine is the truth", is a well-known Latin proverb. But what is the truth behind the wine? At this wine tasting we introduce you to a variety of wines. A great tasting afternoon for your friends, colleagues or family. Attention is paid to different characteristics of wines, which you should pay attention to with certain meals and how you can name certain flavors.

From 10 people.

La casa de dinero

This VR game is based on the popular Netflix series La casa de papel. Played this amazing VR game during a company outing, bachelor party, family or friends day at the Blue Lagoon. Is your group of friends, colleagues or family stress resistant enough and do you have sufficient team spirit, creativity and speed? DeProfessor challenges you with assignments in virtual reality, so that you together form the perfect team to steal the money.

*Prices are always exclusive of VAT unless otherwise indicated.

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